Custom Toy Box

Custom Toy Box

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What do your kids play with? Toy cars? My Little Ponies? Superheroes? Baby dolls? Bricks? The list of toys is endless - and we can supply you with whatever you need! Rent a toy box today and your kids will be in hog-heaven!

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  • Vast selection of toys.
  • Fully customizable for your children.
  • Age-appropriate selection.
  • Served up in a 16-gallon tub for easy storage & maximum fun!

We have 3 core components to our custom toy boxes. If we don't get any instruction from Mom or Dad, we pack an age-appropriate mixture of beach toys, pool toy, and indoor toys. We love getting parental feedback ahead of time. If you're planning on renting a toy box - PLEASE tell us what your child loves to play with, so we can ensure that they are getting a treasure trove of goodies! Why not add a bag of books to your order too?